Customise your Order

Custom Dev

Hungry Pet wanted to give their customers the ability to customise their orders. Rather than ordering a box of one product, they would be able to create a box of multiple different products.

There were some key functionality requirements for this job:

  • Be able to select which products are available to be added as a custom order
  • These products could not be ordered as individual items on the main shop page
  • Restrict how many rolls of a certain product can be added to a custom order
  • Weight restrictions for shipping purposes.  One box equals 15kgs

Because of the specific functionality, finding the right plugin would have been a mission, especially a plugin that wasn’t going to cost an expensive subscription.

A custom solution was the best option.  Working closely with the team at Hungry Pet I was able to build the functionality that integrated into their current WooCommerce shop.

Check out their customise your order page here.