Product Enquiry Module

Custom Dev

Going full E-Commerce is a big step for any small business.  Generally a high quality E-Commerce site is a lot more expensive than a simple brochure site.

Sometimes the first step is to showcase your products on your website and allow users to enquire via a product enquiry form.  This allows you to get a feel for how popular your products are and if there is a demand to go full E-Commerce.

Choosing the right plugin

Everyone that has used WordPress knows there are hundreds of different plugins that can achieve what you are trying to achieve, in this case Product Enquiry.  A simple search for “product enquiry” returns 61 items.

The difficult part is choosing which plugin from those 61 is the right plugin for you.  Will it provide all the functionality you require, to get this functionality do you need to pay for the pro version of the plugin, and can the layout be tweaked to get the right look and feel?

Custom Solution

Rather than taking a punt on a random plugin, A-Z Web Solutions has developed its own Product Enquiry module.

The module allows the Store Manager to easily add/edit their products into the system.  Products can be categorized and sorted into a specific order.  Users using the website can search for products and filter product by category.

When a user fills out a product enquiry form, a new order email is sent to the Store Manager and the order is save into the orders table, that you can view in your WordPress dashboard.

Full list of features:

  • Add/edit/delete products
  • Setup product categories
  • Product image gallery
  • Product search functionality
  • Filter by category
  • Product enquiry form
  • New order email
  • Orders table to view all orders
  • Fully customisable to suit your requirements
  • Look and feel can be tweaked for your branding
  • Feature products displayed on the home page

Get in touch for your custom solution

If you are thinking about selling products online but you don’t feel you are ready to invest into a full E-Commerce online shop, contact Aaron today about a customised product enquiry solution.  You wont be disappointed with the results!