Optimising your website for speed

Website Performance

One of the advantages of a custom built website by A-Z Web Solutions is the importance placed on page speed. They say 90% of people may leave a site if it takes five seconds to load. That means it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website design is, if your landing page takes too long to load users won’t even stick around to see your page.

Optimising your website for speed:

Server/Hosting Configuration
Your website will be hosted on a server, fine-tuned for WordPress. The turbo server has LSCache built in, meaning your website will get all the performance benefits of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. The LiteSpeed cache plugin is arguably the best site-optimisation plugin on the market.

Image Optimisation
All your images will be resized and optimised for web before being uploaded to your website. When your website is live, all new images that are uploaded will be optimised automatically.

WordPress Theme
Your website will be custom built on a blank theme meaning it won’t have the ‘bloat’ that a template theme has. A bloated theme means your website will be loading unnecessary assets, which can increase the number of requests made when loading a page and slow it down.

CDN Integration
A content delivery network (CDN) basically increases page speed by hosting images on a separate server, which takes the load off your hosting resource.

Plug-in Cleanup
A-Z Web Solutions only uses trusted plugins. Most of the functionality on your website will be built using our custom built modules. This reduces that number of plugins your site will need. All WordPress plugins need to be updated regularly to keep them secure and functioning properly. As part of your hosting plan, all your plugins will be kept up to date.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the extra effort that goes into each website build so that your website not only looks pretty, but is optimised to load fast.

If you like the idea of having a fast website, or want to turbo-charge your existing site, get in touch with Aaron today.