Pasting as plain text

Quick Tip

So you’ve invested in a shiny new website, had training on how to use WordPress and now it’s over to you to transfer over content from your old site to your new site.

Nothing to it, just copy the text off your old website and paste it into the text editor.  Well without knowing it, you might not only be copying the content, but copying the old divs, spans, and class names too.

I won’t go into what divs and spans are but they can inherit CSS with them.  CSS is what styles elements on your website.  If your old website has a class name that matches a class name used on your new site then the CSS styling associated with that class name will get applied to your content.

A quick tip to avoid this issue

When I transfer over content for my clients I always paste the text as plain text.  This makes sure I don’t transfer over any divs, spans or class names from the old site.  I already know your new site built by A-Z Web Solutions will be better than your old site so I don’t want any of that old styling!

The best way to paste your content as plain text is in the text editor click on the text tab before you paste your content:

If your text editor does not have a text tab you can always paste your content into Notepad and then copy it from Notepad into your text editor.